The spin class that made me puke but also fall in love with exercising

Bhodi & Ride (Port Melbourne)

I hate going to the gym. Maybe I’m self conscious and gym equipments doesn’t exactly look like fun, more like intimidating honestly. Therefore I’m always looking and trying different exercises. I love music and dancing and when I can’t be bothered, I just put on some music and dance around like an idiot with my daughter. I’m sure the people at the park downstairs of my apartment have witnessed my lunacy.

Naturally, when I saw videos of spin classes, I was intrigued. Yesterday was my second spin class ever. The day before was my first one and I went to the bathroom to puke. I was holding it so hard during class, I literally thought I would vomit on the person in front of me and all over the bikes. You know what, don’t friggin’ eat dinner 40 minutes before class and drink so much water during class. I learnt it the hard way. 

My first class was an RnB class and the song “Low” started playing.

Shawty had them apple bottom jeans

boots with the fur,

the whole club was lookin’ at her.

She hit the floor

Next thing you know

Shawty got low low low low low low low low

Going into the ride chamber. I feel like I’m ready to party!


Damn, how much it reminded me of my old clubbing days, when I was young and nothing was sagging. The thing is, I didn’t feel like I was putting a lot of effort to get my heart rate pumping. So I just went so hard. I gave it my all.  The music was pumping, my body moving to the rhythm, the neon lights was blinking, it was dark then neon pink or blue. I felt like I was back there on the dance floor, drunk and feeling so cool. Like I was travelled to the past just for that 45 minutes.

The instructors, put on what’s called the freedom track, it’s slower and they turn all the lights off. It is pitch dark. You can go as hard or as slow as you want, while they say motivating things like, “this one’s for you, don’t like anyone put you down, you deserve it”, and you know what, I put my head down and started tearing up. But from all the sweat, redness on my face, and the fact that you can’t see anyone makes me feel ok. I felt happy, liberated and most of all, addicted!

It’s a good thing they have showers upstairs, complete with hair dryers, tampons and all the things a girl might need because omg, I have never sweat in my life as much as I sweat during that short 45 minutes. I don’t sweat easily. I have to do like an intense HIIT session for an hour. But omg omg omg. I was DRENCHED! DRENCHED! I came out of the class looking like I just washed my hair because it was that wet! I usually don’t bother having a towel during an exercise because of the fact that I never sweat, but in a Bodhi n Ride class, you make sure you bring one. But don’t worry if you forget, they have towels you can rent.

Bathroom and showers are available upstairs. I love how it feels like home


I was back the next day. It definitely gets easier. My feet didn’t fly everywhere from the safety clip of the shoes. I was able to follow the moves better. The instructors say three time’s the charm, so my next class I’m hoping to look like Arianna Grande in her video clip “Side to Side”.

Trying to look like Arianna G after my class. My sweat level was through the roof. I love it!


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