Mommy lost her phone and our driver borrowed someone’s machete?

How many of you have lost a phone? We all know that losing something as important as a phone is a pain in the ass. Especially during a holiday, after you have visited so many places and experienced so many things with your family and friends. All my Bandung and Bali pictures are gone. My Google photos haven’t been syncing since I haven’t had wifi for the past month.

It happened yesterday afternoon, at a mall near my house. Aurora had a big morning. She swam and we went to the mall, played at Timezone with Harvey. After we parted and said goodbye to Harvey, I decided to sneak into Zara while she was on the stroller. She was sleepy and will usually doze off. I think she was overtired so she threw a tantrum. David came and was waiting outside of Zara, he called me to tell me that he couldn’t go in as he had food and was stopped by the security. I chucked the phone in her diaper bag which was attached behind the stroller. I bent down to Aurora and tried to calm her down. Someone walked behind the stroller. Then it was gone. That was the last time I held my phone.

Oh my gosh mommy lost her phone!

It’s sounds silly but my heart feels like it had been broken. I don’t care about the phone itself (maybe a little, it was relatively new) but the convenience of having everything with a touch of a button, all the cute pictures and videos of aurora and daddy are all gone. Never would I be able to have the exact same moments captured as a token to remember what an extraordinary times we had the last month. I try to make myself feel better. “It’s just a phone, luckily I didn’t lose Aurora” or “Aurora and David as still here with me here, and we can create more beautiful memories”. But it still hurts. I will give it time.

As long as my loves are still complete

Parents with kid would know how I feel. We take crazy amounts of shots of these tiny creatures. 1500 pictures in a couple of weeks to be exact.

Is it mean of me to curse that person? I wish he/she has a long hard life. And excruciating death (ok that’s a little extreme, but you get what I mean). Preying on overwhelmed mothers who are busy attending to a crying child is just such a low class act.

Last night my Iphone was located 20 minutes away from where I last had it. At 12.04am. We got notification in the morning and David suggested that he went to check the area in the morning. He told me that it was under an overpass bridge, full of bushes. So he/she could have chucked it once they noticed it was locked and on lost mode. My mom asked my drivers to search in the bushes today with little success. They eve borrowed a someone’s machete to go through the woods. They were hilarious, taking pictures of each other.

As for now, I’m using my old phone which has a leaked battery and a little unresponsive at times.

Mommy is using my spare phone which is super slow

I sort of thought Zara was “safe” compared to other areas that are usually more crowded. But always watch out for your things! I have learnt my lesson.

Next time I’m keeping my phone in my bra.

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