“You look like a hairdryer, daddy”, she meant hairdresser. LOL

Aurora says the funniest things everyday. Just now she was looking at a picture of Harvey. I asked her if she thinks Harvey is handsome (because she was saying it yesterday). She answered, “Yes, Harvey is handsome and I’m pretty, we’re going to get married”. WHAT?? She only learnt the concept of marriage when I was showing her my wedding album a couple of weeks ago. But for her to apply that to herself and another person is quite bizarre. She cracks me up.


We’re currently travelling in Jakarta, and just returned from our Bali trip a couple of days ago. She had such a blast swimming, going to the beach with her friends baby Emma and Rachel. We were in the emergency room just now, Aurora is having diarrhea throughout the night and a mild fever. She was scared. I was scared. But I did not show it of course. While waiting for the doctor, she looked at me with her tired eyes and gently said “I want to go to Mulia” (the hotel which we stayed in Bali). LOL. I do too baby, I do too. I wish we could feel the warmth of the sun everyday. When we get a little too warm, we can have a quick dip in the water to freshen ourselves. Food served, drinks offered, needs taken care of. So the doctor said she probably ate something bad and she hasn’t shown signs of dehydration. Hopefully it will pass soon.



Aurora is currently 34 months, 2 months shy of her third birthday. She celebrated her early birthday recently in Jakarta so she can celebrate with her friends and family here. Next one will be in Melbourne and her real birthday will be in Mauritius. She’s so excited about her birthday and can not stop talking about it. She’s growing up so fast. It sounds so cliche when I say that but she is constantly changing. Her personality, her look and her stubbornness. She must have got it from me.


Her hair is getting very long and I’m kind of in a dilemma on whether I should leave it or trim it. Daddy’s favourite thing to do it hair dry Aurora’s long soft hair. After every bath, mostly every 2 days, he will sit her down on a chair or a stoll and just dries her hair gently. That’s why last night Aurora suddenly said “Daddy you look like a hairdryer.” She meant a hairdresser.


Currently she loves role play. I did an full stomach operation on her on the dining table just yesterday. And she did one on me on the sofa. The other day we were pretending that both mommy and daddy were falling off a cliff. She only saved me. Sorry daddy. Then I was like, “Aurora help me save daddy or he’s going to die.” Jokingly of course. Suddenly she started bawling her eyes out and gave daddy a big hug. She’s sensitive with the word “die” or “dead’. Sometimes when I’m having a conversation with David and I said, “blah blah blah, omg I’m going to die” because you know, I’m dramatic like that, Aurora will be like “nooo mommy, I don’t want you to die”. I try to tell her though dying is not a bad thing and make her understand the concept of death in a positive light.

No one knows about this, but I write small notes on my phone on the funny little things she does, or when I feel guilty about something. There was a time when she was around 6 months old or so, I was hair-drying my hair in the toilet and I didn’t hear her cry in the room. She was crying about a good 5-6minutes. I felt horrible, like I failed her. Having an outlet where I’m able to put my feelings down and be able to move on is important to me. I can now look back on the little notes now and try to be a better parent each time.

We’re obsessed with taking pictures at Timezone

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