Bird poop and celery sticks at Collingwood Children’s farm

It was our second time at the farm last week. Our first time was at our friend’s wedding so we didn’t get to interact with a lot of the animals. The farm is much larger than I thought. We went with our friends, Beatrix, Wilson, and their baby Harvey! Aurora tried to be his mommy the whole time at the farm, they were quite cute together.

When we arrived at 12.15pm, we were informed that there will be guinea pig cuddles in 15 minutes. Aurora was excited. Well actually, I was more excited than she was to be honest. We walked inside and we see big fat fluffy chickens running around. It was amazing. We felt like we were in a farm straight away. I was pushing my massive Stokke stroller inside, with Aurora in it, quite a bumpy ride. I told her to walk instead while I placed the stroller aside and waited for the guinea pig cuddles in the shed. There were 3 guinea pigs that were being passed around. The first one we got was chubby with a coarse coat. He was so relaxed and just kept sleeping in the basket, refused to eat the food we offered. I’m guessing he is already full. The second one we got to pet had a smoother coat. We didn’t get the third one because both Aurora and Harvey got a little bored waiting for them to be passed around.

We had lunch under the trees beside the chicken pen which we later moved because my cutlery was pooped on by a bird sitting right above us! It just missed mine and Aurora’s lunch by literally a centimeter. I accidentally touched the poop when I picked up the spoon. I was thinking, ‘what is that wet thing on my finger?’. I thought it was the broccoli that I had brought for lunch but it had some white spots on it. So I almost fed bird poop to Aurora. LOL. Then we all decided to move to another table with a shade, bird-poop-free. My appetite was gone after that incident but I still managed to finish my food.

After lunch we went off to find other animals. The farm extends all the way to the back. We first saw a couple of horses. The stable had a warning sign telling us that they bite. Wilson brought a bag of celery sticks and fed one of the “nicer” horses. The other one wearing bridle marked “BITEST’ then neighed the nice horsey away in order to get his turn of the celery stick. Sorry bitest, you’re not very nice and we’re a little scared of you now.

We went inside the goats and the sheep’s pen. I’ve never seen a goat so close in real life. They look funnier that I imagined with their droopy googly eyes. They’re not interested at the celery I offered, except for one of them. The sheep’s coat is quite dense, not as fluffy as I imagined.

Aurora’s interacted surprisingly well with the animals. I thought she would be wary and afraid. But she was happily caressing and feeding the goats, the guinea pigs and the sheep (maybe not so much the sheep, she kept saying they were dirty). Definitely a little hesitation at first, but with some convincing she was fine.

The experience ended with having some natural popsicles from the cafe. It was nice to cool down especially because I was sunburnt on my shoulders and pretty exhausted wearing the wrong kind of shoes. It was an amazing experience for all of us. We will definitely be back for another adventure.


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