My fluorescent adolescent and 30th birthday

Last Sunday I turned 30. It’s definitely surreal. I don’t feel 30. After a decade of staying in my 20s, turning 30 is definitely a huge slap in the face. I didn’t see it coming. Goodbye drinking, clubbing days and flirting with gay bouncers. Today I passed by a bar that my friend, Al ( I won’t disclose their full name for privacy reasons. Lol) and I had visited years ago. It was dark and seedy, I puked in their blue lit toilet after flirting with a guy, then came out to see Al flirting with another guy. Or was it the same guy? I don’t remember.

Another fun story was when I went clubbing with my brother, Ivan. We went to McDonalds afterwards for a midnight grub with a bunch of his friends. We were happily chowing down our food until one of his friend (who was too drunk to eat), just spewed all over our table. Like literally projectile vomit without warning whatsoever. We jumped to save our food (pretty alert for a bunch of drunks) and eventually got kicked out. Then I came home, still tipsy, and started drawing dick pictures, putting on green eyeshadow and lipstick on my brother’s face who was surprisingly very compliant, probably blacked out and didn’t realize what I was doing. The next morning he told me that in the middle of the night, his face became itchy, went to the toilet to wash it and was stunned to see my art work. His friend came by and tried to help him get rid of his “make up” and was like “Who was the crazy person who drew on your face with a permanent marker??”. I was giggling in my room. He and I laugh about it and it’s probably one our family favorite story to tell. I think I still have some pictures of that night somewhere.

I don’t know about now, but when I used to go to clubs you need to be on a guest list otherwise it’s a little hard to get it. And I was never on one. So once, I tried to seduce a bouncer in a club that was full. I told him, “I like your muscles” while caressing his massive guns with my fore finger. He chuckled and said, “Sorry I’m gay”. Tracy laughed and laughed, and still laugh about it now. But we did manage to get in so my efforts definitely didn’t go to waste.

So that was a couple of my night out stories. Pre drinks insisting of 5 vodka shots in 30 mins is not unusual. And no matter how drunk, I will always always have a shower before hitting the sack. Good old days. Looking forward to recreating some more now that Aurora is officially off the breast! More responsible night outs, but will still be lively and interesting.


I organised a birthday brunch with some of my close friends and family which was both lovely and disappointing at the same time. It was my fault for arriving so late, and everything just fell apart. The lunch was suppose to start at 1.30pm but I was unfashionably late, arriving at 2.10pm. I planned to be there at 1pm to take some photos for the “death to my youth” theme birthday shoot. But that had to happen during the lunch, after the cake cutting. Then there’s the super long table divided into three sections which didn’t allow for everyone to interact with each other. Last one which really annoyed me, the kitchen ran out of certain foods (which I have reserved and paid for) so people were forced to order another item off the menu, etc etc. Why didn’t I just do it at my place? The food will be nicer (vegan MUAHAHAAHAA), we could play games and everyone can talk to each other! I regretted my decision on our way back home from the lunch. I couldn’t sleep that night thinking what terrible time these guys must have had. Sorry guys, it was my bad.

A couple of days before the brunch, my photographer, Michelle tagged me on a post from Facebook where a lady mourned her 30th birthday celebration. She wore black from head to toe and I thought, what a cool idea! I decided to have the same theme for my birthday pictures. The idea is that I’m mourning my fluorescent adolescence. So dramatic I know. But Michelle is an amazing photographer and they look elegant and beautiful.

Goodbye 20s, hello 30s!
Mourning for my youth


I have to thank everyone who came and celebrated my birthday. I know it wasn’t ideal but I’ll make it up next year.

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