The spin class that made me puke but also fall in love with exercising

Bhodi & Ride (Port Melbourne)

I hate going to the gym. Maybe I’m self conscious and gym equipments doesn’t exactly look like fun, more like intimidating honestly. Therefore I’m always looking and trying different exercises. I love music and dancing and when I can’t be bothered, I just put on some music and dance around like an idiot with my daughter. I’m sure the people at the park downstairs of my apartment have witnessed my lunacy.

Naturally, when I saw videos of spin classes, I was intrigued. Yesterday was my second spin class ever. The day before was my first one and I went to the bathroom to puke. I was holding it so hard during class, I literally thought I would vomit on the person in front of me and all over the bikes. You know what, don’t friggin’ eat dinner 40 minutes before class and drink so much water during class. I learnt it the hard way. 

My first class was an RnB class and the song “Low” started playing.

Shawty had them apple bottom jeans

boots with the fur,

the whole club was lookin’ at her.

She hit the floor

Next thing you know

Shawty got low low low low low low low low

Going into the ride chamber. I feel like I’m ready to party!


Damn, how much it reminded me of my old clubbing days, when I was young and nothing was sagging. The thing is, I didn’t feel like I was putting a lot of effort to get my heart rate pumping. So I just went so hard. I gave it my all.  The music was pumping, my body moving to the rhythm, the neon lights was blinking, it was dark then neon pink or blue. I felt like I was back there on the dance floor, drunk and feeling so cool. Like I was travelled to the past just for that 45 minutes.

The instructors, put on what’s called the freedom track, it’s slower and they turn all the lights off. It is pitch dark. You can go as hard or as slow as you want, while they say motivating things like, “this one’s for you, don’t like anyone put you down, you deserve it”, and you know what, I put my head down and started tearing up. But from all the sweat, redness on my face, and the fact that you can’t see anyone makes me feel ok. I felt happy, liberated and most of all, addicted!

It’s a good thing they have showers upstairs, complete with hair dryers, tampons and all the things a girl might need because omg, I have never sweat in my life as much as I sweat during that short 45 minutes. I don’t sweat easily. I have to do like an intense HIIT session for an hour. But omg omg omg. I was DRENCHED! DRENCHED! I came out of the class looking like I just washed my hair because it was that wet! I usually don’t bother having a towel during an exercise because of the fact that I never sweat, but in a Bodhi n Ride class, you make sure you bring one. But don’t worry if you forget, they have towels you can rent.

Bathroom and showers are available upstairs. I love how it feels like home


I was back the next day. It definitely gets easier. My feet didn’t fly everywhere from the safety clip of the shoes. I was able to follow the moves better. The instructors say three time’s the charm, so my next class I’m hoping to look like Arianna Grande in her video clip “Side to Side”.

Trying to look like Arianna G after my class. My sweat level was through the roof. I love it!


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I trick my toddler into liking veggies! (tried, tested and it works!)

I remember when I was growing up, I was watching something on TV, and there was this girl, her cheeks were rosy, munching on a raw carrot stick like it was the most scrumptious thing in the world. I asked my mom, “why are her cheeks so rosy?”, she replied “because she likes to eat carrots”. I was around 6 or 7 years old, and I thought to myself, ‘my cheeks are never going to be rosy because I will never eat carrots’.

Fast forward to today, I was a vegetarian for 7 years and proudly vegan for 2 years now.

“Omg mom what is that?”

I lived in a boarding house during my high school years. All the boarders would go to the common dining room to have breakfast which consisted of cereal, toasts, fruits and all things healthy. But there I was, making 2 packets of Indomie goreng accompanied with sour cream & onion flavoured potato crisps to fuel my energy. My matron was horrified, saying how unhealthy it is blah blah blah. I didn’t understand where she was coming from. I mean, in Indonesia I grew up eating Indomie for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My mom used to pack it for lunch with an omelette, and I’ll come home from school having another 2-3 packs for a snack. Now I’m thinking, how the heck are my organs still functioning.

I did not grow up loving vegetables. I couldn’t stand them and my parents never forced us to try. The only one I liked was potatoes in the form of potato chips and french fries. So in uni, when my housemate, Tracy, was devouring a tomato (like seriously a whole big ass tomato) in front of me which I thought was so strange, but it made me want to eat it. The whole 18 years of my life, the amount of tomatoes I ate probably didn’t even equal to 1 piece.

I have a theory why people don’t like vegetables.

  1. They have tried a bad version of that vegetable
  2. They’re not used to it and/or don’t grow up eating it

So in order to avoid your children from hating vegetables for the rest of their lives, start them young. So here are my 3 steps into tricking your kids into eating vegetables:

  1. Be a role model
  2. Flavour, flavour, flavour. Make it tasty & fun.
  3. Hide your vegetables (soups, sauces or “popsicles”)

Role model

Here’s a trick that I used on Aurora. She used to hate bananas. One day I ate a banana in front or her and acted like it was the most delicious thing in the world. I did this for a couple of minutes, not offering her anything at this point. After a minute or so of her watching me eat a banana, I will casually ask “do you want some?”. First it was a couple of unsure bites, but by day 5-7, she was eating a whole banana to herself. One to two year olds are the easiest to “manipulate”. You can add things to say like “hmm I’m having this banana all to myself, and no one else is having it.” I know it sounds really manipulative, but damn it works. I had a mommy friend who’s toddler hated banana too, I told her my trick and a week later she told me her toddler was loving it which made me so happy.


Vegetables can be bland. Even though Aurora loves her raw celery and carrots, it’s almost always paired up with hummus, which is healthy and tasty. For example, if it’s broccoli, season it or stir fry with teriyaki sauce. Cut up the broccoli into small bite size pieces. Nothing scarier than eating something you might not like in a massive chunk. Big pieces of vegetables can be off putting for kids (even adults). I was watching this show called freaky eaters, the nutritionist was making the person try a raw mushroom. I mean, come on. The person was like gagging! I love mushrooms any day, but that was possibly the worst way to introduce it to someone for the first time. I suggest try cooked vegetables first before trying raw. Sauce it up, have mini dips, make it pretty and appealing.

Recipe ideas:

Potato and broccoli tater tots

-Spinach and mushroom pasta


Hidden vegetables

If your toddler still refuses and you’ve exhausted all options, the last trick is to just literally hide your greens vegetables. When I make pasta, I jam as much vegetables as I can. Red or black beans, celery, carrots, zucchini, lentils, spinach and kale. Also hiding vegetables in smoothies/juices which you can turn into “popsicles”, is perfect during summer. Make your own concoction, even get them involved, they’re going to love it! It’s sweet and cooling, they won’t be able to tell the difference.

Recipe ideas:

Fruit and Veg popsicles



Eating should be a fun experience where kids are able to explore new textures and flavours. Get creative. Who knows, one day it’s a banana, next time they’ll be begging you for some alfalfa sprouts!

So good luck and let me know if these tricks work because I would love to get your feedbacks!


That time my relationship played out like a Korean drama

I usually put my indie/alternative music playlist on to listen to, but today for some reason whilst I was making David’s vegan birthday cake (which turned out to be a disaster, but I’ll get back to that another day), I decided to shuffle and came across John Legend’s “All of me” and the memories just came flooding back.


It started on a cold winter evening in Melbourne. David and I just started our relationship so fights were pretty rare. Unlike now LOL. That particular evening, I forgot what it was about, probably something stupid (it’s always about something stupid) but we had a fight at my place, which resulted in him storming off, saying that he was going to go back to his place blah blah blah. I was used to this only because I had just gotten out of a relationship with a person who likes his “space” or “me-time”. I just thought, every guy is the same and history repeats itself. I mean, I’m probably not an easy person to be in a relationship with. I can be quite “aggressive”, the term David loves to use to describe me. But yes, I agree. I don’t like to lose, in anything. Arguments, games or life in general, so I fight to win, every single time. And that feeling of sweet victory… I can’t get enough of it! Personally I like to just keep arguing and arguing until we come into a conclusion that I’m satisfied with or if I feel like I have won. Omg I sound like a physco that needs friggin’ therapy. I’m a nice person I promise, and I’m probably more mellowed out now that I’m a mom. Maybe, maybe not. Therefore I understand if a guy I’m in a relationship with needs a break, or whatever it is, during arguments/fights. But it turns out, I was wrong.


I think David loved me more than I realised and he was more of an adult to be able to deal with what I have offered on the plate.


Anyway, after he left, we ended up in a call and he said that he was on a train going home. I said fine, whatever bish, even though secretly I was wishing he came back and apologize. (That’s the secret to your happiness, mark my words gentlemen.)  A few minutes later, suddenly that particular John Legend’s song was playing on TV.

What would I do without your smart mouth
Drawing me in, and you kicking me out
Got my head spinning, no kidding, I can’t pin you down
What’s going on in that beautiful mind
I’m on your magical mystery ride
And I’m so dizzy, don’t know what hit me, but I’ll be alright
My head’s under water
But I’m breathing fine
You’re crazy and I’m out of my mind
‘Cause all of me
Loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections
Give your all to me
I’ll give my all to you
You’re my end and my beginning
Even when I lose I’m winning
‘Cause I give you all, all of me
And you give me all, all of you

I thought to myself, I don’t remember the TV having been turned on at all. I went to look and it had my pictures then pictures of us together, it just kept going on a slideshow. I was trying to figure out how this was possible. I remembered that he connected his phone to control TV a couple months back. Is he screen-mirroring this? But wasn’t he on the train home? Or is this just an accident? If he was screen mirroring this, wouldn’t he be close by?


And I kid you not, like a scene straight out of a cheesy Korean drama, I ran outside, opened the door and found him looking all sad//guilty/content or something like that, with the short clip he made at the train station, and we embraced each other really tight, both of us crying and repeating the words that sounded like “we’ll never fight again”, “i love you”, “i’m sorry” et cetera, et cetera. We hugged for sometime and at that moment we meant what we said.



Well here we are, 6 years later, fighting pretty often, maybe around once a week or once every month, depending on my PMS or his. Oh yea, he has his moments too, especially when he is hangry. But you know, marriage has its ups and downs, one day I want to divorce him, but another day I feel like I can’t live without him.



It’s funny how some songs digs into the ventricles of your heart and make you feel things you might have forgotten.

I will dedicate this blog for you my love. It is 2.24am, and officially your birthday!

Happy birthday to my other half, who puts up with all my crap, strange fears and random emotional bursts. But I have to say, aren’t you lucky to have me in your life, it’s like you’re celebrating your birthday everyday! LOLLLL JK

I’m slightly delirious during the wee hours of the morning, so I’ll probably wake up and read this blog with a cringe..


20140731_0859592014-05-15 15.11.04


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Mommy lost her phone and our driver borrowed someone’s machete?

How many of you have lost a phone? We all know that losing something as important as a phone is a pain in the ass. Especially during a holiday, after you have visited so many places and experienced so many things with your family and friends. All my Bandung and Bali pictures are gone. My Google photos haven’t been syncing since I haven’t had wifi for the past month.

It happened yesterday afternoon, at a mall near my house. Aurora had a big morning. She swam and we went to the mall, played at Timezone with Harvey. After we parted and said goodbye to Harvey, I decided to sneak into Zara while she was on the stroller. She was sleepy and will usually doze off. I think she was overtired so she threw a tantrum. David came and was waiting outside of Zara, he called me to tell me that he couldn’t go in as he had food and was stopped by the security. I chucked the phone in her diaper bag which was attached behind the stroller. I bent down to Aurora and tried to calm her down. Someone walked behind the stroller. Then it was gone. That was the last time I held my phone.

Oh my gosh mommy lost her phone!

It’s sounds silly but my heart feels like it had been broken. I don’t care about the phone itself (maybe a little, it was relatively new) but the convenience of having everything with a touch of a button, all the cute pictures and videos of aurora and daddy are all gone. Never would I be able to have the exact same moments captured as a token to remember what an extraordinary times we had the last month. I try to make myself feel better. “It’s just a phone, luckily I didn’t lose Aurora” or “Aurora and David as still here with me here, and we can create more beautiful memories”. But it still hurts. I will give it time.

As long as my loves are still complete

Parents with kid would know how I feel. We take crazy amounts of shots of these tiny creatures. 1500 pictures in a couple of weeks to be exact.

Is it mean of me to curse that person? I wish he/she has a long hard life. And excruciating death (ok that’s a little extreme, but you get what I mean). Preying on overwhelmed mothers who are busy attending to a crying child is just such a low class act.

Last night my Iphone was located 20 minutes away from where I last had it. At 12.04am. We got notification in the morning and David suggested that he went to check the area in the morning. He told me that it was under an overpass bridge, full of bushes. So he/she could have chucked it once they noticed it was locked and on lost mode. My mom asked my drivers to search in the bushes today with little success. They eve borrowed a someone’s machete to go through the woods. They were hilarious, taking pictures of each other.

As for now, I’m using my old phone which has a leaked battery and a little unresponsive at times.

Mommy is using my spare phone which is super slow

I sort of thought Zara was “safe” compared to other areas that are usually more crowded. But always watch out for your things! I have learnt my lesson.

Next time I’m keeping my phone in my bra.

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“You look like a hairdryer, daddy”, she meant hairdresser. LOL

Aurora says the funniest things everyday. Just now she was looking at a picture of Harvey. I asked her if she thinks Harvey is handsome (because she was saying it yesterday). She answered, “Yes, Harvey is handsome and I’m pretty, we’re going to get married”. WHAT?? She only learnt the concept of marriage when I was showing her my wedding album a couple of weeks ago. But for her to apply that to herself and another person is quite bizarre. She cracks me up.


We’re currently travelling in Jakarta, and just returned from our Bali trip a couple of days ago. She had such a blast swimming, going to the beach with her friends baby Emma and Rachel. We were in the emergency room just now, Aurora is having diarrhea throughout the night and a mild fever. She was scared. I was scared. But I did not show it of course. While waiting for the doctor, she looked at me with her tired eyes and gently said “I want to go to Mulia” (the hotel which we stayed in Bali). LOL. I do too baby, I do too. I wish we could feel the warmth of the sun everyday. When we get a little too warm, we can have a quick dip in the water to freshen ourselves. Food served, drinks offered, needs taken care of. So the doctor said she probably ate something bad and she hasn’t shown signs of dehydration. Hopefully it will pass soon.



Aurora is currently 34 months, 2 months shy of her third birthday. She celebrated her early birthday recently in Jakarta so she can celebrate with her friends and family here. Next one will be in Melbourne and her real birthday will be in Mauritius. She’s so excited about her birthday and can not stop talking about it. She’s growing up so fast. It sounds so cliche when I say that but she is constantly changing. Her personality, her look and her stubbornness. She must have got it from me.


Her hair is getting very long and I’m kind of in a dilemma on whether I should leave it or trim it. Daddy’s favourite thing to do it hair dry Aurora’s long soft hair. After every bath, mostly every 2 days, he will sit her down on a chair or a stoll and just dries her hair gently. That’s why last night Aurora suddenly said “Daddy you look like a hairdryer.” She meant a hairdresser.


Currently she loves role play. I did an full stomach operation on her on the dining table just yesterday. And she did one on me on the sofa. The other day we were pretending that both mommy and daddy were falling off a cliff. She only saved me. Sorry daddy. Then I was like, “Aurora help me save daddy or he’s going to die.” Jokingly of course. Suddenly she started bawling her eyes out and gave daddy a big hug. She’s sensitive with the word “die” or “dead’. Sometimes when I’m having a conversation with David and I said, “blah blah blah, omg I’m going to die” because you know, I’m dramatic like that, Aurora will be like “nooo mommy, I don’t want you to die”. I try to tell her though dying is not a bad thing and make her understand the concept of death in a positive light.

No one knows about this, but I write small notes on my phone on the funny little things she does, or when I feel guilty about something. There was a time when she was around 6 months old or so, I was hair-drying my hair in the toilet and I didn’t hear her cry in the room. She was crying about a good 5-6minutes. I felt horrible, like I failed her. Having an outlet where I’m able to put my feelings down and be able to move on is important to me. I can now look back on the little notes now and try to be a better parent each time.

We’re obsessed with taking pictures at Timezone

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Mommy Korean trip with toddlers! Stressful? Maybe, maybe not?

Last month in April, my dear friend Priscilia and I embarked on a adventure like no other. We braved ourselves and travelled to a foreign country, along with our excited, restless and irrational toddlers who can’t stop bickering like two little old husband and wife over rubbish, like literally “rubbish” that we were about to throw away in the rubbish bin, with no husband muscles or any type of help for 10 days. Wow that was a long sentence!

Would I say it was easy? Hmm maybe. Was it hard? A little. I don’t think it was undoable if you have the guts to try and be willing be get tired. I mean what’s travelling without a little hiccup along the way? What’s travelling without getting lost or having sore feet by the end of the day? That’s what travelling means to me. If there were hardships during the trip, at the end of it you will have a story to tell amongst your friends. There you go, a perfect ice breaker!  Let’s start from the beginning.


The flight was a breeze. However, Singapore Airlines decided to change our seat at the last minute (I have picked our seats and received confirmation for it) which was extremely annoying. But I won the battle and got our original seats back. Aurora slept like an angel throughout the 7 hour red-eye from Melbourne to Singapore. Singapore to Seoul flight was filled with in-flight entertainment and filling her little belly that has been empty the last 10 hours or so. I tend to save Aurora’s in flight meal and put them in the airsickness bag, so when she’s awake and hungry, I will have that spare meal that I can provide for her. When we reached Singapore, she was still too sleepy to eat, but was ravenous when we boarded the Singapore to Seoul flight. If we had to wait for the take-off and in flight meal etc, she would have been starving. So while waiting for the other passengers to board, I gave her the meal from the previous flight. I ate mine too. She was so hungry that when the in-flight meal arrived, she gobbled that up too.


When we arrived in Seoul, I have to say it was a little chaotic. Aurora left her koala in flight, which we didn’t end up getting. A lot of hand-gestures and over enunciation of words “KOALA. Like a TOY. A DOLL”. We queued up for immigration twice.

Searching for our non english speaking driver (booked online through Klook) was not an easy task either. Luckily I had a pocket wifi from the airport (very important! Book before departure) and was able to text him via Whatsapp. Getting a SIM card is good too but you have to activate it with a wifi. I sent the driver pictures of where we were at and he finally found us.


We stayed both at an AirBnb and a hotel. For Priscilia and I, it is safe to say that we will not be staying at another AirBnb in Korea. I don’t know if it was just that particular AirBnb. There were a lot of rules to follow and a lot of cleaning up to do omg. When it was time for us to check in our hotel, I can’t describe the feeling. Relieved, happy and comforted at the same time. It felt like a home away from home. I left my phone at one time and the person was kind enough to send it back via courier. Having the concierge there to receive my phone back while I was still away was convenient. I did have to pay a small fee, but it is nothing compared to the annoyance of having to bring both toddlers back in a taxi to our previous spot, paying the taxi fare, getting them back in the taxi to go again etc etc.


It is fairly easy to take the public transport in Korea IF you are not lugging strollers, your shopping, toddler necessities and the toddlers themselves. Some train stations do not have elevators. You can fold up the stroller, carry it on one hand and hold the toddler on the other (which we had to do a couple of times). It can be a little stressful and tiring, especially when you have to exchange between different lines within one trip, and having multiple trips during the day. So we opted for taxi rides. Although not a cheap as public transport, definitely much cheaper compared to Melbourne, and worth the money. It does come with a slight hiccup. We had to supervise both toddlers on the side of the street while both of us take turns to fold each person’s stroller. It’s much harder at the end of the day after we go hard on the shopping and bags have accumulated on the stroller handles, therefore you know… I’ll let your mind wander what steps we had to take to safely get in and out of the taxi. P.S. Korean drivers are EXTREMELY impatient and rude 99% of the time.

Toddler friendliness

On the scale of 1-10, I’d say Korea is around 7.5-8 judging on the places we have visited, food, toilets, activities, lift availability and cleanliness. Here’s a list of where we took the kids and suggestions of how long you can spend during each one.

  • Lotte world (1 -2 days or more if you want to go to on all the rides and explore different areas of the park)
  • Aquarium – at Lotte world  (A couple of hours. The Beluga is the main attraction, and boy it was amazing!)
  • Everland (1-2 days. So many things to do!)
  • Sheep cafe (1-2 hours including meal time)
  • Cat cafes (1-2 hours, if your kid even wants to leave. We went 2 cat cafes. One in Myeong Dong and another one in Insadong. The one in Myeong Dong was much better. It was cleaner and not as packed. The cats in Insadong seemed like they were needing their space as it was packed and everyone just kept touching them)
  • Hello kitty island (45mins, right next to Seoul tower so you can drop by. Girls will love this and it can be interesting for boys too. It’s like a Hello Kitty house, complete with a kitchen and dining table full of food, etc)
  • Parks (1-2 hours. We went to Yeouido Park to see the Beotkkot, Korean cherry blossom, and had a small picnic session)

So would I do it again? In a heart beat. Priscilia was an amazing travel partner. So flexible and strong. She can keep up with me, walking around 15000-20000 thousand steps per day, half of them carrying kids, bags, chasing whoever or whatever is getting away: trains, toddlers, taxis.

One thing to keep in mind when you travel with kids, it will not be a perfect trip. I made a full 10 day itinerary. Extremely detailed. Weather forecasted, English and Korean translated, opening hours included, and a summary of each destination blah blah blah. I also fully planned daily outfits for both Aurora and I each day (I’m weird like that. Things have to match, even my bra and underwear or I will feel incomplete). But you know what, we switched things around after day 2 because the weather did not match the forecast. It was ok, even for a control freak like me. You know what, it will be unforgettable. Like this trip was. I will be back. Maybe earlier than expected. As I have mentioned in my previous blog, this year will be my year of travelling before Aurora goes to school next year, so I will make it memorable. Don’t be afraid to travel with kids, it’s the best!

Enjoy the pictures below.

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Full team!


I’m not usually this sweet
So cheeky




Aquarium with my baby



All about sleeping with a toddler and attachment parenting

I recently read the article “I should have let you sleep with me”. It was a beautiful reminder that our kids will not be kids for too long and that what certain society deemed as the norm might not be suitable for everyone. In this case co-sleeping.

And now I regret it. I regret not feeling your sweet breath as you cuddle close and your warm little hands wrapped around me. I regret putting you back to bed, giving a hurried kiss, and shutting the door behind me. I regret only thinking of getting back to sleep.

So that night, I offered Aurora to sleep on our bed. Aurora sleeps in her bed right next to us. It is attached to ours but slightly lower than our bed, she likes to get really close to me and when she does, she sort of sits up to sleep. I still remember her face after I asked her if she wanted to come sleep with me. She was smiling from ear to ear and couldn’t contain her excitement. I didn’t know that it would mean so much to her since she was already sleeping very close to us.

Aurora is currently two and a half years old (32 months to be exact) and I have been adopting the philosophy of attachment parenting since she was born. It was not a decision that I had made beforehand. I didn’t know what it was until she was older. I read an article about it and I was like “Oh that’s just like how I am with Aurora!”. If you’re not familiar with attachment parenting, it is a practice that aims close bonds with mother and child. Named by William Sears, he believes maximal maternal empathy and continuous contact is beneficial for the baby. So this includes the 7 Baby B’s:

  • Birth bonding
  • Breastfeeding
  • Baby wearing
  • Bedding close to baby
  • Belief in the language value of your baby’s cry
  • Beware of baby trainers
  • Balance

I did all of the above with Aurora and I find it extremely comfortable knowing that I’m meeting her every need. Of course this goes without saying that parents who do not adopt this method are not wrong. There is no right or wrong in parenting and I always say “whatever floats your boat.” If it feels wrong to you don’t do it, if it feels right then please do! Don’t let what other parents do or don’t do affect your decision in how you raise your precious one.  Of course it is not easy and I’m not going to lie that what others say or do hasn’t made me think once or twice about how I raise Aurora. But I always keep in mind, if it doesn’t feel right then maybe it is not for me.

Look at her expression

The year 2015, when I was in Australia getting ready for Aurora’s delivery, David and I had a neo-natal class and we were talking about sleeping arrangements. One of the parents said “I would never let my baby sleep in my room, he’s on his own from day one.” But for me, I was determined to make breastfeeding work and having to get up to another room every two hours (and that’s if it was two hours. Aurora demanded to be fed every 15 minutes at the start) was not an option. I need my sleep and I don’t want to waste time getting up at like 4am, breastfeed her, try to put her back to sleep, go back in my room then wake up again at 6am etc etc. It would be so exhausting. So you know, each to their own.

Aurora’s first day

During the first 6 months, I was using Chicco Next 2 Me. It was quite a life saver. I was able to just grab her in the middle of the night, breastfed her while still laying down, then put her back in her crib right next to me. Sometimes I don’t bother putting her back but the extension of the crib gives me a peace of mind that she will not fall out of the bed.

There is a reason why Aurora is not on our bed and just beside us, and that it is only one. I’m an extremely sensitive sleeper. I’m so sensitive that when I had premature rupture of membranes (my water broke) on my bed, I did not drip a single drop of amniotic fluid because I was awoken by that minor sensation and quickly dashed to the toilet. The slightest sound or motion will wake me. So when Aurora is on our bed, she twists and turns and I will just be too cranky to function the next day. I guess that’s the life of a parent. But she’s right next to me and watching her sleep so peacefully is one of the greatest joys in life.

Anyway, I’m getting ready to fly to South Korea tonight with my dear friend Priscilia and her son, Lewis (Aurora’s best friend) for a mom and bub trip 10 days, so there will be plenty of co-sleeping with my baby.  Lesson of the day, enjoy the small moments with your little ones because soon they will be embarrassed to be kissed and cuddled by you. Then the teenage hormones will start to kick in, and it will be years (when they’re in their 30s or 40s) that they will start to feel thankful for your love again. Enjoy it while it lasts!


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Bird poop and celery sticks at Collingwood Children’s farm

It was our second time at the farm last week. Our first time was at our friend’s wedding so we didn’t get to interact with a lot of the animals. The farm is much larger than I thought. We went with our friends, Beatrix, Wilson, and their baby Harvey! Aurora tried to be his mommy the whole time at the farm, they were quite cute together.

When we arrived at 12.15pm, we were informed that there will be guinea pig cuddles in 15 minutes. Aurora was excited. Well actually, I was more excited than she was to be honest. We walked inside and we see big fat fluffy chickens running around. It was amazing. We felt like we were in a farm straight away. I was pushing my massive Stokke stroller inside, with Aurora in it, quite a bumpy ride. I told her to walk instead while I placed the stroller aside and waited for the guinea pig cuddles in the shed. There were 3 guinea pigs that were being passed around. The first one we got was chubby with a coarse coat. He was so relaxed and just kept sleeping in the basket, refused to eat the food we offered. I’m guessing he is already full. The second one we got to pet had a smoother coat. We didn’t get the third one because both Aurora and Harvey got a little bored waiting for them to be passed around.

We had lunch under the trees beside the chicken pen which we later moved because my cutlery was pooped on by a bird sitting right above us! It just missed mine and Aurora’s lunch by literally a centimeter. I accidentally touched the poop when I picked up the spoon. I was thinking, ‘what is that wet thing on my finger?’. I thought it was the broccoli that I had brought for lunch but it had some white spots on it. So I almost fed bird poop to Aurora. LOL. Then we all decided to move to another table with a shade, bird-poop-free. My appetite was gone after that incident but I still managed to finish my food.

After lunch we went off to find other animals. The farm extends all the way to the back. We first saw a couple of horses. The stable had a warning sign telling us that they bite. Wilson brought a bag of celery sticks and fed one of the “nicer” horses. The other one wearing bridle marked “BITEST’ then neighed the nice horsey away in order to get his turn of the celery stick. Sorry bitest, you’re not very nice and we’re a little scared of you now.

We went inside the goats and the sheep’s pen. I’ve never seen a goat so close in real life. They look funnier that I imagined with their droopy googly eyes. They’re not interested at the celery I offered, except for one of them. The sheep’s coat is quite dense, not as fluffy as I imagined.

Aurora’s interacted surprisingly well with the animals. I thought she would be wary and afraid. But she was happily caressing and feeding the goats, the guinea pigs and the sheep (maybe not so much the sheep, she kept saying they were dirty). Definitely a little hesitation at first, but with some convincing she was fine.

The experience ended with having some natural popsicles from the cafe. It was nice to cool down especially because I was sunburnt on my shoulders and pretty exhausted wearing the wrong kind of shoes. It was an amazing experience for all of us. We will definitely be back for another adventure.


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My fluorescent adolescent and 30th birthday

Last Sunday I turned 30. It’s definitely surreal. I don’t feel 30. After a decade of staying in my 20s, turning 30 is definitely a huge slap in the face. I didn’t see it coming. Goodbye drinking, clubbing days and flirting with gay bouncers. Today I passed by a bar that my friend, Al ( I won’t disclose their full name for privacy reasons. Lol) and I had visited years ago. It was dark and seedy, I puked in their blue lit toilet after flirting with a guy, then came out to see Al flirting with another guy. Or was it the same guy? I don’t remember.

Another fun story was when I went clubbing with my brother, Ivan. We went to McDonalds afterwards for a midnight grub with a bunch of his friends. We were happily chowing down our food until one of his friend (who was too drunk to eat), just spewed all over our table. Like literally projectile vomit without warning whatsoever. We jumped to save our food (pretty alert for a bunch of drunks) and eventually got kicked out. Then I came home, still tipsy, and started drawing dick pictures, putting on green eyeshadow and lipstick on my brother’s face who was surprisingly very compliant, probably blacked out and didn’t realize what I was doing. The next morning he told me that in the middle of the night, his face became itchy, went to the toilet to wash it and was stunned to see my art work. His friend came by and tried to help him get rid of his “make up” and was like “Who was the crazy person who drew on your face with a permanent marker??”. I was giggling in my room. He and I laugh about it and it’s probably one our family favorite story to tell. I think I still have some pictures of that night somewhere.

I don’t know about now, but when I used to go to clubs you need to be on a guest list otherwise it’s a little hard to get it. And I was never on one. So once, I tried to seduce a bouncer in a club that was full. I told him, “I like your muscles” while caressing his massive guns with my fore finger. He chuckled and said, “Sorry I’m gay”. Tracy laughed and laughed, and still laugh about it now. But we did manage to get in so my efforts definitely didn’t go to waste.

So that was a couple of my night out stories. Pre drinks insisting of 5 vodka shots in 30 mins is not unusual. And no matter how drunk, I will always always have a shower before hitting the sack. Good old days. Looking forward to recreating some more now that Aurora is officially off the breast! More responsible night outs, but will still be lively and interesting.


I organised a birthday brunch with some of my close friends and family which was both lovely and disappointing at the same time. It was my fault for arriving so late, and everything just fell apart. The lunch was suppose to start at 1.30pm but I was unfashionably late, arriving at 2.10pm. I planned to be there at 1pm to take some photos for the “death to my youth” theme birthday shoot. But that had to happen during the lunch, after the cake cutting. Then there’s the super long table divided into three sections which didn’t allow for everyone to interact with each other. Last one which really annoyed me, the kitchen ran out of certain foods (which I have reserved and paid for) so people were forced to order another item off the menu, etc etc. Why didn’t I just do it at my place? The food will be nicer (vegan MUAHAHAAHAA), we could play games and everyone can talk to each other! I regretted my decision on our way back home from the lunch. I couldn’t sleep that night thinking what terrible time these guys must have had. Sorry guys, it was my bad.

A couple of days before the brunch, my photographer, Michelle tagged me on a post from Facebook where a lady mourned her 30th birthday celebration. She wore black from head to toe and I thought, what a cool idea! I decided to have the same theme for my birthday pictures. The idea is that I’m mourning my fluorescent adolescence. So dramatic I know. But Michelle is an amazing photographer and they look elegant and beautiful.

Goodbye 20s, hello 30s!
Mourning for my youth


I have to thank everyone who came and celebrated my birthday. I know it wasn’t ideal but I’ll make it up next year.

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Deconstructed cereal followed by minestrone soup after jumping in muddy puddles.

I guess I have time to write a blog today because guess what I’m doing? Inside my car at the QV parking lot, waiting for Babacha to wake up (that’s her little nickname I’m currently using. It changes every couple of weeks without realisation. I do it to Puffy too. He has hundreds of nicknames by now. I’m weird I know.)

Waiting for this tiny face to wake up. She slept for 2 hours, my bum was getting sore.

For breakfast this morning, Aurora had cereal in her favourite way. Deconstructed. Sounds like fine dining stuff doesn’t it? Lol. But no, it’s pretty simple really. She hates soggy anything, and especially cereal which is totally understandable. Who doesn’t? I put her soy milk in her cup and Weetbix in a plate. Tadaaa! Deconstructed cereal. She’ll have a bite of dry Weetbix then have a sip of milk. I made her a “special” milk today, mixing a little bit of chia seeds, molasses and tiniest drop of maple syrup to mask the taste of the molasses. I think she likes it. I’ll try again tomorrow.

A not-so-gloomy day!

It started raining early today. We have been waiting for a rainy day for a month or even more. Why you may ask? To play in the rain of course! 🙂 When Aurora came out of our room this morning and saw the raindrops on the windows, she straight away said “I want to go outside and take my umbrella”. She had her breakfast, I took a shower and we were ready to go out! No, I’m not scared of her getting sick. But you know, a lot of Indonesians will disagree with this decision of course, saying that Aurora will get “masuk angin” etc. You know what, I’ve said this many times, I don’t believe in “masuk angin”. Hahaha.

She jumped from one puddle to the next, running around to see if she can find a brand new one she has yet to step on. It was quite a sight to see her face lit up on such a gloomy day. After a while, she refused her umbrella, having too much fun being free and I think she felt that it hindered her from moving quickly.

Anyways, we had to rush home because she needed to go to the toilet. I rinsed her with warm water, changed her clothes and started on lunch. I made “minestrone” using whatever is available in the pantry. It had to be quick, delicious and nutritious.

Lentil Minestrone

  • Red lentils
  • Organic red kidney beans
  • Mirepoix (Onions, celery and carrots which I didn’t properly dice)
  • Organic vegetable stock
  • Tomato paste
  • Potatoes
  • Nutritional yeast
  • Fusili
  • Pink Himalayan Salt and pepper.
  • Water
  • Olive oil

Sweat the mirepoix with olive oil over medium heat. Add potatoes and washed lentils. Stir.  Deglaze with stock and bring to boil. Add the pasta and some water if needed. After the vegetables are tender, add kidney beans and nutritional yeast. Season with salt and pepper. Done! Eat it with some toasted sour dough bread, perfect meal for a rainy day.

Someone’s enjoying her soup

Nothing ever goes to plan!

After finding a small scab on Puffy’s bladder surgery scar, we had to visit take him to the vet. Puffy had his bladder operation to remove struvite kidney stone almost 3 years ago and it is a bit strange to get an infection now. Unfortunately, since he is my first baby, I was overreacting last night and kept overthinking things. “What if there are maggots inside?”, “What if it was the stitches stuck inside from the old surgery and is now popping out?”, “what if he needs another surgery?”, “what if the surgery falls on my birthday and he doesn’t make it?”. Turns out, it was just a small skin infection due to Puffy’s very sensitive skin and the infection is easily treated with some anti anti-inflammatory and antibiotics. Seriously, my imagination can be my worst enemy sometimes.

Aurora knows my birthday is coming up and we were talking about it, so this afternoon when I was cooking her soup, she grabbed my dried flower bouquet, the one David gave me for Valentine’s day, brought it to the kitchen and said “Happy Birthday mommy”. Isn’t she just the sweetest… David also brought me some more flowers today (thank you my love). She grabbed it from him when he walked through the door and presented them to me. Love you both ❤️

My favorite thing to receive on special occasions are David’s typewritten cards


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